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PECOE: Funky Shizzle EP

PECOE:  Funky Shizzle EPLookout – here’s the latest instalment from Breakbeat Paradise who ensure summer breaks parties are well supplied with – well – funky shizzle to quote the Snoop Dogg-referencing title of Pecoe’s Funky Shizzle EP. Enter a four-tracker which plays fast and loose with Sugarhill Gang and Stevie Wonder and restricts the wobble to closer Game Face. The opener and title track supplies briskly solid funky breaks while High Ground takes a very famous Stevie Wonder track in a very spacey, psychedelic and unexpected direction – kinda works though. Best of all however is Delight which provides a pneumatic but sympathetic re-imagining of Rapper’s Delight – not the full fifteen minutes though obviously – it ain’t 1979 you know!
(Out now on Breakbeat Paradise)

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