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PERCEPTIONISTS (MR LIF & AKROBATIK): Dirty Drumz (2017) + Video

PERCEPTIONISTS (MR LIF & AKROBATIK):  Dirty DrumzBloody hell, behave yourselves, Mr Lif and Akrobatik are back already with the second single, Dirty Drumz, off their first LP in twelve years – Resolution. What’s that Lif? “All the world wants is some dirty-ass drums”? Well that explains the minimal beat with doom-laden John Carpenter-esque synths and the distortion on kick and snare then. What else? “All the world wants is some dirty-ass rhymes”? I feel confident that you and Akrobatik can deliver there – look there you go, “I’m giving seminars and lectures, drop bars with texture/ Cause I am a beast so call me a Large Professor” – thanks Akrobatik. And the lesson? The one that anyone not in the one per cent should have been taking on board since at least 2008, pretty much.
(Out now HERE)

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