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PAMA INTERNATIONAL: You Are So Beautiful b/w Stop The War On The Poor (Vinyl 7″

You Are So BeautifulEsrtwhile reggae commandos Pama International stick with the current soul direction for a new vinyl 7″ with two offerings from their 2019 album Stop The War On The Poor. First track up is You Are So Beautiful and yes, it’s not just the same name, it really is the song you’re thinking of. However, if you were expecting miserable emoting a la Billy Preston, Joe Cocker and Christina Aguilera, forget it – for Pama have made the song over into a guitar-led blued-eyed northern soul style dancefloor heater – hurrah! Of course, if you want something a little slower and sadder, they’ve got you covered with the LP title track on the flip which – through the medium of soul – effectively conveys the message that the Tories are still transferring wealth from the poorest to the richest as fast as is humanly possible.
(Pre-order now/ Shipping 1 September on Happy People Records)

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