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ORIGINAL GRAVITY RECORDS: Reggae Dynamite Vol. 4 EP (Vinyl 7″)

ORIGINAL GRAVITY RECORDS: Reggae Dynamite Vol. 4 EP Have you had enough of your early reggae fix recently? Of course you haven’t because you can never get enough! You can give that itch a really good scratch though with Vol. 4, no less, of the Original Gravity label’s ongoing Reggae Dynamite 45 series. Those who copped any of Vols. 1-3 will know what this means straight away – four cuts to include both vocal and instrumental numbers in a 1969 Trojan/ Pama stylee! Maybe get someone who knows what they’re on about to do the sleeve notes, name of ‘Stone Monkey,’ whoever that is…

(PRESS RELEASE) Is it time for another fistful of reggae dynamite from the Original Gravity label already? It certainly is – Volume 4 – with four whole sticks of the stuff, appropriately, and imbued with every bit of the early reggae style goodness we’ve come to expect. There’s an extra authentic ‘Sound of 69’ explosiveness to this one too due to the presence of Dave Barker (of Dave & Ansell Collins fame) on his second cut for the label in the last few months – rudeboy-friendly chugger and opener, Move It On Now. Up next and not to be outdone, we have Woodfield Rd Allstars who launch into a brace of scorching organ and horns-led instrumentals. The first of these, San Salvario Stomp, kicks off with a Maytals-ish vamp and pays tribute to Original Gravity’s first ever customer (big-up Turin!) while the second is an inspired reggae cover of The Beatles’ Norwegian Wood. Finally, book-ending the release with a second vocal cut, we get Melbourne Douglas who comes on like U-Roy toasting on Your Ace From Space with sound system challenge Wheel And Come Again. Who says they don’t make ’em like this any more? (Words: Stone Monkey.
(Out now on Original Gravity)

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