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ORIGINAL GRAVITY RECORDS: Reggae Dynamite Vol. 3 EP (Vinyl 7″)

Reggae Dynamite Vol. 3 EP[RATING:5] It’s another triumphant slab of explosive ’69-style reggae from the Original Gravity label as they line up four new tracks on 45 from The Regulators, Brentford Rd Soul Rebels, Woodfield Rd Allstars and a second Regulators track – this time a vocal one featuring Melbourne Douglas. You know what? The label should get someone they know to write the PR for that – oh wait – what’s this?

(PRESS RELEASE) What a’ gwaan? Ya hear that sound, nuh? That heavy, heavy monster sound, nuh?

Seen! Such booming bass warmth and glorious vintage organ riffage can only mean one thing – the release of Original Gravity Records’ Reggae Dynamite Vol. 3! This third instalment in the excellent compilation series showcases once again the label’s early reggae talent and ability to recreate that irresistible boss groove from back when the 45 was the selector’s format of choice, black and white first mixed it up on dance-floor and the moves were all about the moon-stomp or the shuffle.

On the A-side, The Regulators and singer Melbourne Douglas wrestle a Black Velvet classic into skanking beast Jamaican Velvet, rivalling the original for groove while Brentford Rd. Soul Rebels’ have the organs on overdrive for instrumental Wet Scream – a nod to both Bunny Lee and the world of MTB. Flip it over for two further instros as Woodfield Road Allstars’ break out the horns for a tribute to boxing legend Muhammed Ali and The Regulators reappear, this time with a cover of Jackie Mittoo’s Race Track which sounds like Lee Perry was at the mixing desk. Reggae dynamite indeed! (Words: Stone Monkey/
(Pre-order now on Original Gravity)

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