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ORIGINAL GRAVITY RECORDS: Latin Fever Vol. 2 EP (Vinyl 7″)

Latin Fever Vol. 2 EP (Vinyl 7[RATING: 5] Got Latin fever? You will do after this as the Original Gravity label’s next 45 EP explores the world of Latin rhythms with all the Cuban fury they can muster. That’ll be Latin Fever Vol. 2 then which features a pair of Luchito tracks on side A and a pair of Nestor Alvarez ones on side B. Both names will be familiar to those who’ve followed OG releases thus far and indicator of quality. Neither Luchito nor Alvarez really exist of course – at least not outside the fertile mind of label boss Neil Anderson who pretty much composes and plays everything on every release, drafting in session singers and the occasional extra instrumentalist as required. On this drop, the two Luchito tracks are frantic uptempo shaker So Long and the even better heavy Latin boogaloo fuzz of My Baby Likes To Boogaloo. The Alvarez cuts meanwhile are two instrumentals – salsa-style groover Arroz Con Frijoles and heavy Hammond organ slo-mo scorcher El Rejolero.
(Pre-order now on Original Gravity Records)

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