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OR KANTOR: Sarda Sarda

Hello – what’s this – ‘The Neo Surfterranean Sound of Or Kantor’? That’ll be the tagline on the cover of the forthcoming debut LP Sarda Sarda (due end of June) by erstwhile painter and tattooist Kantor – off which this is both his debut single and the title track. You getting Eastern-flavoured folk music mixed with late fifties/ early sixties guitar surf music vibes? You’re spot on – this one combines that guitar sound with Hammond, some percussive elements (though no conventional drum beat) and even a few Spaghetti Western-style ‘hah!’s for a highly evocative piece. Still – ‘neo-surfterranean’ – wouldn’t that kind of imply somebody had combined the two genres before? Glad you asked. Arguably the most famous surf guitar cut of all – Miserlou – is the original piece of ‘surfterrania’ – not a Dick Dale-penned original but his cover of – well – a Middle Eastern folk song. Anything else you need to know? Oh yeah – the track is named after the ‘sailfish.’
(Out now on Anova Music)

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