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OLD FLAME: Reignite “The Surefire Collection” (2017)

OLD FLAME:  Reignite Old Flame is up to new tricks with a new mini-album/ EP thingy, eight cuts deep – Reignite “The Surefire Collection.” Well, I say ‘new tricks’; new ‘tracks’ is more accurate for while the material is new, the vibe is is that of reliably old school electro breaks. Cue much in the way of pumping 808s, acid squelches and relentless drums then. Opener, Pasty Suspect, is a highlight pitching, as it does, filtered wah-wah guitar against a fuzzy bass n breaks onslaught. This is followed by Bit Rate which establishes a whole 90s computer printer sound aesthetic for a bit until the arrival of Got Juice where things go all oriental sci-fi and recall nothing so much as battle robots fighting in rain on megacity streets. Closer Wet Dream is another highlight and a decidedly un-damp and not-at-all-sticky bit of android b-boy gear.
(Out now on DivisionBass Digital)

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