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OASIS: To Be Where There Is Life (ROCKNROLLA SOUNDSYSTEM edit) (2016) Free download

rocknrolla-soundsystem-oasis-editThose with long memories might remember back in 2008 when Noel Gallagher expressed outrage at a hip-hop headline act (Jay-Z) for Glastonbury some months before releasing an album (Dig Out Your Soul) to which the closest musical parallel in the Oasis discography was 2000’s Standing on the Shoulder (sic) of Giants. Which was an album that those with even longer memories might remember Gallagher promoting, at the time, as having been influenced by underground club culture, drum loops and – er – hip-hop. Oh the irony. And now look what’s happened – never ones to pass up on a remix of something unusual where they can tweak the beat and provide the digital equivalent of a 12″ extended mix, those underground club culture fiends Rocknrolla Soundsystem have – well, tweaked the beat and provided the digital equivalent of an extended 12″ mix of To Be Where There Is Life. Cop it below…

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