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NYNFUS CORPORATION: Feel The Funk Baby EP (2012)

As Hungary’s Nynfus Corporation invite you to Feel The Funk Baby on this four-tracker from BBP we mustn’t forget to thank another label (formerly known as Goodgroove) for changing their name (and thus, crucially, the generic moniker of the music both labels put out) so that another generation of youth can benefit from lazy but sleazy wordplay based around the word ‘funk’. And I’m all for that. What they really mean of course is ‘feel the ghetto funk baby’ since hot from the mean streets of Budapest you get a four track EP of chunky bass wobble featuring a Snoop acapella (feel the funk G), a contribution from a fellow Magyar (feel the funk Hanzee), East European folk music-based cut Istambool (feel the funk gypsy) and, notably, a chopped-up Edith Piaf doing Je Ne Regrette Rien (feel the funk bebe) which is either a colossal sacrilege or inventive and amusing. Have a gander below and decide amongst yourselves…
(Out now on BBP)

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