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NICO GOMEZ: Baila Chibiquiban (MR BOOM edit)(2017) Free download

NICO GOMEZ:  Baila Chibiquiban (MR BOOM edit)(2017) Free download[RATING: 5] Bloody hellfire! ‘The artist formerly known as Chicky Boom’ turns out an absolute monster edit of 1972 Nico Gomez Brazilian afro-psych-funk classic Baila Chibiquiban by judicious use of (among other tweaks) a drum break excised from even more famous Gomez cut Lupita. This makes it the second monster Gomez edit this year what with Voodoocuts having already re-versioned, well, Lupita as it happens and as a 45 format release too. Surely-to-god some edits label owner somewhere will have the vision to get this cheeky version onto seven-inch vinyl too – perhaps along with another gem lurking in its producer’s studio. But what is the name by which said producer currently travels? Why, that’ll be Mr Boom to you, sunshine. Make absolutely sure you cop this below…

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