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NICK PRIDE & THE PIMPTONES/ THE BREAKBEAT JUNKIE: Deeper Pimp (Smoove re-touch)/ Turn It Up 7” – Wack Records W07

Oh shit! Double funky trouble from Smoove’s Wack Records with more than a dash of the mambo in the second track…
Nick Pride & The Pimptones- Deeper Pimp (Smoove Re-touch)
A long time ago in a far away galaxy, a Band of musicians got together with the queen of soul music to lay down some of the heaviest funk tunes known to mankind. This version was never released until it was recently discovered by aliens who kindly transported the master tape back to planet earth.
The Breakbeat Junkie – Turn It Up
Coming straight outa Nottingham the pause button master decided to ditch his cassette tapes and ZX spectrum for 21st century computer and keyboard and has since fast grown a reputation amongst avid beat heads for making superb slices of Funk, Hip-Hop and breaks and rarely would it deviate…the rest is history.
All aboard the Funky break train!
Out 5 October on Wack Records

Listen to Nick Pride & The Pimptones – Deeper Pimp (Smoove re-touch)/ The Breakbeat Junkie – Turn It Up

Nick Pride & The Pimptones – Myspace

The Breakbeat Junkie – Myspace

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