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NICE UP!: 12 Dubs Of Xmas (2016) Free download

badman-dub-mr-benn“On the fou-rthh day of Christmas, my true love sent to me…” – wait – no – that’s not how it goes! Let me see now…ah yes – “On the fourth dub of Xmas, Nice Up! continued to release for me the next one in this year’s seasonal set of Xmas riddims!” Hmm – well – maybe it doesn’t scan so well – but who cares about that when the bass is this rude! And so it is that today’s triplet of Yuletide offerings is completed by news that Mr Benn‘s Badman Dub is now available for free along with cuts from Sticky Joe, Cut La Vis, Blend Mishkin & Roots Evolution. That’s one drop a day for the last four days and another eight to come. Get on it and cop ’em below…

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