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THE NEW MASTERSOUNDS – Hole In The Bag – 2008 – 7” single review

[rating: 5]

The New Mastersounds often get compared to The Meters – somewhat unfairly as their repertoire contains many features entirely un-reminiscent of the funky kings of New Orleans. Having said that, they do little to quell such comparisons with this mid-paced instrumental highlight from recent LP Plug & Play – for Hole In The Bag is a fat nugget of organs, wah-wah and clattering drums if ever there was one – and sees the band do their best Meters impression to date. So much is this the case in fact, that should Cyril Neville and co. ever hear it they’ll be swearing on their mum’s lives that this is a long lost cut off 1969 classic The Meters and doubtless wondering how it ever got missed off the final mix as they scratch greying afros.
Out now on Etage Noir Austria.

Listen to – The New Mastersounds – Hole In The Bag

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