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NEKO NEKO: Trouble In The Streets/ Ya Playin (2012) 12”

This one from Neko Neko is all about track two. In fact it’s so much about track two I’m giving it five stars for just that track. Entitled Ya Playin, it makes inspired use of Jeru Tha Damaja’s Ya Playin’ Yaself vocal over what sounds like a slowed down slice of boogaloo funk with augmented drums and a bottom end that’s boomier than a sledgehammer on the side of a panel van. Actually it’s least ten tons fatter and funkier than you think it is even from that description – kind of like a gargantuan hip-hop marble slab. But one that will get hands in the air. And yes, the beat is better than the original. “Hang on!” query the dubious – it’s that good just because it’s a bit of booming old school hip-hop? To which I reply, “Oh do fuck off. You’ll probably like track one Trouble In The Streets which sounds like Moby on a date with ESG.” Start the player at 1:33 fam!
(Out now on My First Moth)

MFMF009 – Trouble in the streets : Playin ya self 12″ by Neko Neko

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