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NATHAN JOHNSTON & ANGELS OF LIBRA: Nine Angel Choirs For Christmas

NATHAN JOHNSTON & ANGELS OF LIBRA: Nine Angel Choirs For ChristmasJust in time for Crimbo, Irish singer Nathan Johnston and the Berlin-based Angels Of Libra release Nine Angel Choirs For Christmas, a seasonally-themed-live version of their recent collaborative LP track The Nine Angel Choirs. If you’ve checked previous material, you’ll accurately guess that means musically warm retro soul thrills over which Johnston croons in his gentle rasp – which sounds oxymoronic but check him out.  In this case, you also get a classic talky style intro too. I wonder if someone can come up with a video of the band playing live in the intimate environs of what feels like a large but nonetheless cosy front room set up as a studio or perhaps a studio set up as a large but cosy front room? They can? Happy days. The release is a digital double single and the other track is, of course, the LP version of the track, The Nine Angel Choirs.
(Out now on Waterfall Records)

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