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MYLES SANKO: Forever Dreaming (CEE ROO Remix)(DJ TANNER video edit) (2015) Free download

Forever Dreaming Sanko Tanner Cee RooThe neatest, most lady-pleasing facial hair in nu-soul gets a respectful remix here from Swiss remixer Cee Roo and then said remix gets a video edit from DJ Tanner. Oh mylanta. Myles Sanko‘s original video to Forever Dreaming featured him getting ready for a (lady)fans meet n greet with the help of an attractive female P.A. In the remix, Cee Roo boosts the tempo and the percussion and chops up the vocals a bit. Along comes Tanner and chops up the video so that it fits the vocals. Suspiciously we now get what looks like a ladies’ edited highlights of the original video as if a focus group of sex-starved women have got together with Cee Roo, Tanner and Sanko’s PR team to ensure maximum swoon. Coincidence or PR black ops? Watch it and cop it below while you ponder and then avail yourself of the other hot Forever Dreaming remixes from Renegades Of Jazz, Jimi Needles and Dephzac HERE

?Cee Roo?Forever Dreamin?Myles Sanko?DJ Tanner Video Edit? from DJ Tanner on Vimeo.

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