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MY NEIGHBOUR IS: I Like You Dog (2015)

I Like You Dog My Neighbour Is“I Like You Dog”.

Aww, thanks – I didn’t know you cared!

No, it’s the new mini-LP from My Neighbour Is a.k.a. the alter ego of house music producer Robot Needs Oil

House music producer!? Well – is it funky? Are these the breaks?

‘House music producer’ with his other hat on. He knows what’s really good for him though and yes, it is and they certainly are. Nine tracks of very funky instrumentals drawing from influences such as Hammond funk, library music, afrobeat, the blues and disco, riddled with movie dialogue samples.

Something for everyone then – anything for the dancefloor?

There is actually – this is far from downtempo. Head for Kontrabassi for the full Studio 54 experience or Lalamido for some b-boy action, though the opener and title cut is the monkey’s favourite.

Anything else we need to know?

Yep – this is a bandcamp-only release, digital for the first two weeks, then limited cd plus crowdfunding for vinyl – more details HERE. Get on it!
(Out 1 July on Neighbour Jam)

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