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MUNGO’S HI-FI: Jump In Line/ Send Di Water feat. MIKEY MURKA (2016)

Jump In Line Mungos Hi-Fi[RATING: 5] Few so-called ‘timeless’ songs that have survived myriad covers in multiple genres over the years and still sound good actually predate the 1950s rock n roll explosion. Yet Jump In Line by Lord Kitchener (the calypso one not the WW1-poster one) from the 1940s is such a track. And it’s now had the Mungo’s Hi-Fi treatment for Record Store Day: a remix of an old calypso version, Mikey Murka using the riddim for Send Di Water (these two are on the 7″) plus – this being dancehall culture – the ‘version.’ And whaddyaknow? The track’s irresisitible shimmy remains intact. Altogether now – jump in line – rock your body on time!
(Out 16 April on Scotch Bonnet Records)

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