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MR RICH & THE CARETAKER: We Can Work It Out (2014)

We Can Work It Out Mr Rich The Caretaker[RATING: 5] Try to see it my way – does the monkey have to keep on blogging till he can’t go on? Pretty much if this is the sort of stuff people keep sending in. I hear the occasional gripe about there being too many bootlegs and not enough original stuff out there but while I try to see it your way, only time will tell if I’m right or if I’m wrong. Can you work it out? Of course you bloody can – it’s a massive party blender mash of Stevie’s cover of the classic Beatles’ single from the Rubber Soul sessions with – er the Beatles original all neatly dovetailed and tided up by Mr Rich & The Caretaker with some fat breaks and a bit of wobble. Cop it below…

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