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MR JASON: Mr Jason Has A Posse (DJ FORMAT remix) 7 inch (2015)

Mr Jason Has A Posse DJ Format 7 inchMr Jason’s Mr Jason Has A Posse originally featured on his 2011 Frankensteez LP and then in remix format (courtesy of – er – DJ Format) on 2012’s Son Of Frankensteez EP. By definition, a ‘posse cut’ is four or more rappers on a ‘joint’ although clearly for Mr Jason any track with a mere four rappers is some sort of ‘pussy’ cut. Why? Because the Porn Theater Ushers dj/ producer co-opted no fewer than twenty-six emcee mates (including Akrobatik, Esoteric, Dizzy Dustin, Will C and, of course, main partner in crime, Nabo Rawk) to each take a letter of the alphabet and deliver a few bars. Not to be outdone, remixer Format supplied each of the 26 emcees with a different classic break where the title of the source track for each break begins with the letter of the alphabet that the emcees are rhyming about!! Clever bastard. Naturally in the 45-crazy climate of 2015, there was only one thing left to do…
(Out end of April-ish. Pre-order now HERE)

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