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MR JASON: Mr Jason Has A Posse (2012) video + DJ Format remix + Son Of Frankensteez EP

Mr Jason’s Mr Jason Has A Posse featured on his Frankensteez LP from last year and features in remix format (courtesy of – er – DJ Format) on the Son Of Frankensteez EP, due any day. By definition, a ‘posse cut’ is four or more rappers on a ‘joint’ although clearly for Mr Jason any track with a mere four rappers is some sort of ‘pussy’ cut. Why? Because the Porn Theater Ushers dj/ producer co-opts no fewer than twenty-six underground emcee mates (including Akrobatik, Esoteric, Dizzy Dustin, Will C and, of course, his main partner in crime, Nabo Rawk) to each take a letter of the alphabet and deliver a few bars. The beat is resolutely funky, the video resolutely nasty, and the rappers resolutely on point. Having said that – there are some rhymers who clearly stand out. The middle of the alphabet is particularly well-represented as ‘K’ (K-No Supreme), ‘L’ (Riacha La Pasta) and ‘N’ (Nabo Rawk) smoke everyone before them and you have to wait until ‘W’ (Will C) for anyone after them to equal their ability to ride a beat. Special mention has to go to J-Zone however, who ably displays his ire at being stitched up with ‘Z’ – “Zig, zinga, zunga, zunga…man you know…damn muthafucker! Well ain’t no real words start with ‘Z’/ That’s a disadvantage – I ain’t trippin/ You coulda got ‘Cheech’ and ‘chillum’ with the ‘C’/ But you had to get greedy and go with for the ‘Z’/ Didn’t ya? J-Zone, I don’t rap no mo’ – I just talk shit – I retired. Peace.” Legend.

And now it is for the second time today, that I find myself writing ‘as if that’s not enough’ since Format’s Mr Jason’s Got A Posse remix only supplies each of the 26 emcees with a different classic break! Where the title of the source track for each break begins with the letter of the alphabet that the emcees are rhyming about!! Clever bastard. The rest of the EP is a mixture of new tracks, remixes (including one from The Herbaliser) and original tracks off the LP. Full tracklist below. No audio players for the remixes yet, sorry – cop a listen HERE though and check the original version below…
(Out 17 December on Fort Point Recordings)

Mr Jason – Son Of Frankensteez EP – tracklist
1. Mister Jason Has A Posse (DJ Format’s “A-Z of Classic Breaks” Remix)
2. King James (The Herbaliser Remix) featuring DJ Revolution
3. Shut Eye featuring Plastic Dinosaurs (Rain and K-No Supreme)
4. Humble Haters featuring Edo G. and K-No Supreme
5. Humble Haters (J-Zone Remix) featuring K-No Supreme, Edo G and CheckMark (from Skitzofreniks)
6. Bug Spray featuring Nabo Rawk and K-No Supreme
7. Dead featuring General Stoor and DJ esSDee

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