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MR DORIS & D-FUNK feat. MYSDGGI: Cruise Control (Vinyl 12″)

MR DORIS & D-FUNK feat. MYSDGGI:  Cruise Control The hip-hop is heavy on the funk, stoner groovy and perfect for bumping as you roll down the strip on Cruise Control, the new one from Mr Doris & D-Funk who resurrect the idea of the ‘jeep beat’ with MysDiggi on the mic. Of course, with the price of fossil fuel rocketing towards record highs at the minute (as Mr Diggi notes) you’ll want to make the most of it while you can by playing loud at every opportunity, making sure everybody’s, “listening when your car drives by with the booming system.” You never know, the noise could save one of those scooter boys and girls who sail through red lights with a breathtakingly mistaken sense of indestructability. Who’s on remix duties though? Nightmares On Wax for one – with the borderline electro stylings but also Doris & Dazzla who pump up the funk and that man Basement Freaks who travels down his own dirty, funky road.
(Out now on Jam City)

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