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MR CONFUSE: Do You Realize: The remixes (2013)

This should be relatively simple to understand – Mr Confuse has had his recent Do You Realize LP remixed and he’s just released the results as Do You Realize: The remixes. In order to bring this about he’s assembled an impressive line up of production warriors which include a strong UK contingent (Smoove, Lack Of Afro, Daytoner, Dr Rubberfunk and Tom Eno) plus Hungarians (Uptown Felaz), Poles (Przasnik), and Germans (Funkanomics, Funkmaster Ozone, Dublex Inc) – why it’s practically an Europhile’s wet dream of co-operation! Actually – there’re also Canadians (Afternoons In Stereo) and Salem & Bastion (no idea where they’re from) too…er…why it’s practically a global wet dream of co-operation!

The 12 shades of funky, jazzy, electronica of the original all get a thorough rinsing in the remix machine and come up smelling of – well – funky, jazzy, electronica. Full marks to Funkmaster Ozone for his funky electro take on Boogie Down and I also particularly dug Salem & Bastino’s sleazy, heavy rerub of Too Hot so full marks to them too. Wherever they’re from. Alles klar? Of course it is. Told you.
(Out now on Legere Recordings)

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