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MR BRISTOW: Funky Fresh Xmas Mix (2014) Free download

Funky Fresh Xmas Mix Mr BristowMr Bristow gives the phrase “Ho, ho, ho” a completely different meaning with this, his Funky Fresh Xmas Mix. For some people, Christmas hip-hop may mean Run DMC’s Christmas In Hollis (no, that’s not on here – this isn’t a fucking Argos advert) and – er – that’s it. Yet Kurtis Blow, Soul Saints, Scoopy, Spyder D, Los Busy Boys and Cold Chillin Juice Crew are all among many acts to have dropped seasonal rhymes and they are all on here. Now you might be thinking, there’s a definite old school vibe here and you’d be right. So funky and fresh is this in fact that Mr B’s also included a couple of seasonal funk cuts too. Why – it’s like a Christmas block party by Kool Herc or something. In case that’s all too early 80s for you though Ghostface is on hand with 2008 cut, the child-friendly Ghostface Xmas. No, really. Not a swear word in it – apart from that ‘Holy Jesus’ bit at the start. Full tracklist below player. Readers will notice that Mr Bristow is using Hearthis a.k.a the platform that’s like Soundcloud before Warner took it over…

Mr Bristow –
Jim Jones- Ballin’ on Xmas
Soul Saints – Santa’s Got A Bag Of Soul
Hard Call Christmas – My Christmas Bells
Scoopy – Scooby Rap
Spyder-D – Ghetto Santa
Ghostface Killah – Ghostface X-Mas
Cold Chillin’ Juice Crew – Cold Chillin’ Christmas
Los Busy Boy’s – Funky Fresh Christmas
Super Jay – Santa’s Party Rap
Kurtis Blow – Christmas Rappin’
James Brown – Go Power At Christmas Time’

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