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MR BRISTOW: Festive Feast Of Funk (2017) Free download

MR BRISTOW:  Festive Feast Of Funk (2017) Free download“Daaaaad! Santa’s been!”
“What time is it you little pest? Christ it’s four in the morning! Get back into bed until the time’s in double figures!”
“More turkey dear?”
“No you’re alright – that last bit was like chamois leather.”
“Here you go love.”
“Socks? Cheers Mum.”
Christmas getting you down? You need cheering up. The Monkey recommends an immediate dose of Christmas funk and soul. What you need, my friends, is Mr Bristow’s Festive Feast Of Funk, the latest installment of his annual Yuletide mix that has become more of a reason to look forward to December than Christmas Day itself! Expect forty-plus minutes of stone cold funky Christmas soul action that assiduously avoids the obvious – even from the famous artists (The Jackson 5, Smokey Robinson and Lee Rogers all feature!) – who are lightly sprinkled among lesser known heroes and heroines like Vernon Garrett and Rose Graham. The whole lot is seamlessly mixed, of course, by the benevolent, chuckling figure of Mr Bristow who ensures extra good cheer by garnishing his creation with seasonal soundbites from the likes of Ali G and Peep Show. Cop your treat below, tracklist below that.

Mr Bristow’s Festive Feast Of Funk – tracklist:
1. Xmas Time Is Here Again – Cleveland Robinson
2. Black Christmas – Rose Graham
3. Bobby Allen & The Exceptions – Lonely Christmas Tears
4. What The World Needs For Christmas – Meditation Singers
5. Christmas Present Blues – Jimmy Reed
6. Christmas Everyday – Smokey Robinson
7. Salem Travellers – A Letter For Christmas
8. You Don’t Have To Wait Till Xmas – Lee Rogers
9. Funky Santa Claus – White Chimney
10. Christmas Day – Detroit Jr.
11. Christmas Letters – Carol Ford
12. Merry Christmas, Baby – Vernon Garrett
13. Santafly – Martin Mull with The Sondra Baskin Glee Club
14. Snow – Tina Roberts
15. Santa Soul – Rocki Lane and The Gross Group
16. Santa’s New Bag – Rudi and The Rain Dearz
17. Christmas Is A Drag – Jimmy Jones & The Versatiles
18. Santa’s Got A Brand New Bag – Gary Walker
19. Deck The Halls – Little Jimmy Thomas
20. Up on the House Top – Jackson 5
21. Sock It To ’em Santa – Joe Shinall
22. Santa Claus, Jr – Jim Cagle

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