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MR BRISTOW: Feel That Funky Music (2013) Free download

Mr Bristow shares a name with arguably the most famous British darts player of all time, appropriately enough since he’s scored something of a bullseye with this slamming ghetto funk/ hip-hop hybrid. Mr Bristow that is – not Eric, obviously. Feel That Funky Music finds Clyde Stubblefield’s Funky Drummer break weaving in and out of wobble bass and samples from 70s reggae movie Rockers while Bristow and his mate MC Boofy (both formerly

members of Kaned And Able – straight outta St Albans) deliver vocodered chorus and raps respectively. Oh – and Bristow’s on the scratches as well. Not a man given to delegating then. It’s the sort of thing you wind up making after fifteen years of djing and supporting the likes of DJ Yoda, Lethal Bizzle, Shy FX, Bad Company, Fabio, Shut Up & Dance and Mr Thing – as, incidentally, is massive psychedelic reggae-breaks Beatles mash Lovely Ragga Rita which you can also download below. One hundred and eighty!

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