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MR BRISTOW feat. PHIL RAMOCON: Drunk On Funk EP (2015)

Drunk On Funk Mr Bristow Phil RamoconPhil Ramocon a.k.a Phil Ramacan a.k.a. Phil ‘The Thrill’ Ramocon, musical director of Channel 4’s Club Mix – you name it – he’s worked with ’em all: Jimmy Cliff, David Gilmour, Bob Marley, Neneh Cherry, Phil Collins (gahhh!), Take That (gahhh!), Gregory Isaacs, Mr Bristow…Wait – what!? Mr Bristow? Yep – that’s right. London-based producer Mr B has only scored a proper original soul vocal to go on his super wobbly synth-drenched new one. Remixers number B-side – who goes even further into the wobble-zone, Jazz K Lipa who goes to the moombah-zone, J-Zone who goes to the techno-boogie zone and best of all Clairvo who goes to a hitherto undiscovered breakbeat boogie zone. Absolutely Drunk On Funk, the lot of them.
(Out now on Breakbeat Paradise)

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