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MR BRISTOW feat. BENNY SILVER: My Life EP (2014)

My Life EP Mr Bristow Benny SilverMash-up maestro Mr Bristow makes his BBP debut with the My Life EP – a funky chunk of Brit-hop that features his Super Soul Soldiers comrade in arms, rapper Benny Silver. Something of a character it seems, Silver recounts his life at three key stages – the primary school sex pest, the junkie teenager and the current thirty-something who pairs expensive trainers with pants from Primark. Still living the dream then. The rest of the EP comes in the form of remixes. Oz-hop badboy Tom Showtime is first up and ditches all the vocals except for the hook to provide what is basically a dub of the original complete with interpolations from the theme from The Fresh Prince. I’ll let you guess which lyric he steals. B-Side delivers an absolutely monstrous ghetto funk mix which also retains only the vocal hook and Roast Beatz keeps the vocal but gets his funky disco breaks on.
(Out 28 February on Breakbeat Paradise)

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