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MR BRISTOW: Brex-mas Mix-Up 2019

MR BRISTOW: Brex-mas Mix-Up 2019Mr Bristow’s Christmas mix has become something of an annual seasonal fixture on MB over the last five years so now that it is actually 1 December (and notwithstanding the fact that retail stores and TV seem to have been pushing the festive period since 1 September) here is…the 2019 Brex-mas Mix-Up! Bit controversial Mr B – but tell us what voters – er – I mean listeners can expect.  Sorry – I didn’t catch that? Ohhh – more seasonally-themed hip-hop, funk, soul and reggae expertly mixed! Sorry, for a second I thought you said a nation at odds with itself, and the facilitation of extreme rightwing policies. Bullet dodged! Expect Otis and Carla, Cold Chillin’ Juice Crew, Outkast and a host of others going head to head with Jeremy Corbyn, Nicola Sturgeon and some scruffy racist posh prick in a ratio of roughly 48 to 52. By which I mean it’s mainly music with a couple of topical soundbites. Cop it below. The Brex-mas Mix-Up that is, not a bullet.

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