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MR BENN: ‘Shake A Leg’ Instrumentals (2014)

Shake A Leg Instrumentals Mr BennIt’s been just under a year since Mr Benn finally released his excellent and long-promised Shake A Leg LP which means he’s shaken a leg a lot quicker about getting these instrumentals out than he did dropping his debut LP (rumours of which first surfaced several years before the thing itself) in the first place. He’s still managed to miss the St Paul’s Carnival with his release date again though, only by a narrower margin of only five days this time instead of twelve. At that sort of rate he might actually have some music out before the carnival next year.

Anyway, as you may by now have divined, the Shake A Leg Instrumentals is the instros for all eleven album tracks (from straight-up reggae riddims to bashment ragga beats to reggae hip-hop) in all their de-vocalised glory to facilitate all manner of live DJ beat-antics. Well, that and making it a piece of piss to make a mash-up. Not that Mr Benn would know anything about that of course. Ooh no, not me officer – wouldn’t dream of it! Gosh, is that the time? Must dash…
(Out now via the Nice Up! Bandcamp)

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