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MR BENN & G DUPPY feat. MOWTY MAHLYKA: Hold Yourself Together (2016) + ANDRA DAY Rise UP (MR BENN & G DUPPY remix) free download

Hold Yourself Together Mr Benn G Duppy Mowty Mahlyka[RATING: 5] I don’t know – you make a riddim for a remix and it turns out to be so good you wish you’d kept it for yourselves. We’ve all been there. If you’re Mr Benn and G Duppy though – you get to have your cake and eat it. There the pair were having birthed an epic slab of summery reggae for Andra Day’s honey-drenched rnb Rise Up vocal, and…they…just…couldn’t let go of…that beat. A
phonecall or so later and the Dark Angel himself, Mowty Mahlyka, enters for Hold Yourself Together. Same riddim but more street grit and no less classic for that. It doesn’t get better. Oh…yes it does – the Andra Day remix is available to download below. And you know your old lady is gonna dig that…
(Out now on Raider)

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