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MOZAIK SES: Aralkum b/w Zellij (Vinyl 7″)

The two psych-funk tracks on the new 45 by Mozaik Ses on the Delights label were the result of an impromptu studio jam involving players from Tel Aviv funk outfit VuVuVu, German funk legend JJ Whitefield from The Poets Of Rhythm and label boss Markey funk, and they’re a bit special. First up is Aralkum, named after the world’s newest desert on the region formerly occupied by – er – the Aral Sea and it’s a suitably epic piece – ironically rich, sprawling and exotic that ends on a slow fade to nothing. Come to think of it, maybe it’s not ironic after all and symbolises what happened to a once rich environment if you drain the waters away with inappropriately huge irrigation projects and leave behind a polluted dustbowl. On the flip it’s all about the faster, and even funkier Zellij – all squelchy guitar wah and frantic drums which’ll have them whirling like dust devils on the dancefloor.
(Pre-order now on Delights)

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