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MOS DEF – Life In Marvellous Times – 2008 – Single review/ Limited free download

[rating: 4]

On current ironically-titled single Life In Marvellous Times (DOWNLOAD HERE from RCRD the Black Dante drops some lyrics of fury“Mr Showman what a prick/ Attitude match his wardrobe uglier than sin” stands out for some reason, though it doesn’t especially capture the track’s political ire. Also, listening to it you might be forgiven for imagining the following conversations had taken place when it was being produced:
Mos Def – I want something with synths – you know like the soundtrack to Day Of The Dead
Mr Flash (Producer) – Got you.
(Some time later as track nears completion)
Mos Def – You know that track you were doing for me?
Flash – Yes…
Def – Well, I’ve been thinking – I’ve been watching Flash Gordon a lot recently…
Flash(Warily) Yes…
Def – I really quite like the fanfares when Ming The Merciless comes onscreen and I want lots of them in this!
Flash – Er – well, I don’t th-”
Def – It’ll sound great!
Flash – Hmm.
(Later still, post-production)
Def – See, I told you!
Flash – Yep fair do’s.

Mos Def – Myspace


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