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MORRIS CHESTNUT: And Then This Happened (2013)

Oh come on Morris – don’t be coy. And then what happened? You pimped your name – yeah figured that – there was just something about the combination of surname ‘Chestnut’ and the first name ‘Morris.’ Then you wandered around several decades of black music like some sort of retro MOBO-hobo selecting samples before pimping them for the nufunk/ ghetto funk generation creating And Then This Happened. And sporting one of the year’s more distinctive covers too. That’s that cleared up then.

By the way – that cover and some of the PR would suggest that you were working on an updated blaxploitation tip but it’s is a bit broader than that isn’t it? There’s no doubting the nu-JB/ ‘Payback’ funk of opener Here Comes The Circus but there’s also nu-disco fever (Something Funky), nu-swing (All About The Rhythm), nu-80s fusion-funk (Return Of The Armada) and nu-afrobeat (Soweto Sound). I liked the energy of Latin Bounce best though and the way it goes large on the horns for the hook. It’s kind of like a prelude to dancefloor action – you know – I put that on and then this happened…
(Out now on Pig Balls Records)

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