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MORONGROOVER: Party With Me (2014)

Party With Me MorongrooverNo matter how much you insist it’s the music that’s important, there comes a time when it has to be released into the wild and attributed to someone. What to call yourself though? All the cool names seem to have been picked. Use your own name? Bit boring. Something silly perhaps? Hmm – requires a bit of thought. You wouldn’t want to go with ‘Cretinraver’ or ‘E-tard’ for example – you’d sound like a right fucking idiot! Ooh – I know – ‘Morongroover‘! Bet nobody’s used that one! Indeed. And yet contrary to expectations, the Party With Me EP is not the sort of Prodigy-style 90s hardcore you’d find curtain-haired spotty youths wearing ‘Wild Green Fairly Hip Kid’ t-shirts gurning to. No – it’s three tracks that put the swing firmly in the hop of Busta Rhymes, People Under The Stairs and that Whooliganz ‘pella that’s doing the rounds at the minute plus the snarly instro of Hit That Jive. A solid effort and certified ghetto-swing/ swing-hop bangers every one…
(Out now on Breakbeat Paradise)

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