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MORLACK: Wake Up! (2014)

Wake Up! MorlackThat most prolific of breakbeat music men, Morlack, has yet another release out Wake Up! this time on Radical Mixtape Recordings with the sort of HR Giger cover that normally presages death metal content. There’s no need to throw out the horns just yet though because this one’s all about the boogie. Disco boogie on Check The Remote with its Lil Kim intro and dancehall vocal, squelching boogie breaks on my favourite – the title track – which comes complete with the ‘pella from Next Universe by Yaasin Bey (i.e. the artist formally known as Mos Def) and grime/house boogie on I’m Not A Racist which finds a jackin electro house beat topped with the vocal sound of Bow. No danger of falling asleep to any of them…
(Out 21 March on Radical Mixtape)

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