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MORLACK: Loose Booty (2014)

Loose Booty MorlackJesus – Morlack must eat, sleep and shit breakbeat music. By my reckoning he has a release out on average once a month and that’s not even taking into account the odd freebie he puts out as well or remix packages like next month’s massive Morlack Refunkafized offering from BBP. And we’re not talking about singles either – it’s usually a multi-track EP if it’s not album length fourteen tracker like Loose Booty.

As the title implies, this consists of booty breaks with vocals drawn from raids on multiple decades of music – including those of Raekwon, Louis Armstrong, Ann Sexton, Culture Club and Pamela Fernandez – among others. But if that makes you twitchy because you’re not getting enough of a sniff of Morlack’s beloved 80s DC go-go – fear not! While this may draw less from that scene vocally, the style of the breaks here is very much Morlack’s unique ghetto funk/ go-go hybrid – a kind of drugged-up, denser version of early 90s go-go with ghetto funk breaks and electro boogie stylings. For added jollies, you’ll also find Relative Dimensions label mates Leygo and F-Block at the end lobbing in a remix – the former a house (gahhh) version of Morlack’s Culture Club-sampling Do You Really Want To and the latter a dnb version of Morlack’s Louis-sampling Wonderful Day. Gotta be something in that lot to get booties loose.
(Out now on Relative Dimensions)

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