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MORLACK: Hype Free EP (2012)

Morlack’s been busy again and if there’s one thing you can be sure of with him it’s that there’s never a lack of more. I could tell you that this time he’s been digging around in the back catalogues of Rufus Thomas, prog-funky acid casualties Parliament and Funkadelic, and raiding the works of latterday visitors to the more paisley-patterned reaches of music, Outkast. I could tell you that the results yield everything from stadium-filling intergalactic-funk-rock-hip-hop like Funky Woman to straight up ghetto funk bangers like Ghetto Train, with the emphasis thankfully more on the funk than the ghetto (which increasingly seems to mean anything from so-called ‘140 bpm jungle,’ to breaks to dubstep)…but this is the Hype Free EP so I’ll just keep quiet. You ain’t seen me right?

Hype-Free Ep_teaser by morlack

(Out 29 Feb. on Funk Blasters)

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