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MORLACK: Electrophonic Crack (BigMD044) (2012)

Are these two trying to make my life more difficult? Between them producer Morlack and label BigM must have occupied more of my blogging time than anyone else this year – this is BigM’s fourth release this month alone and Morlack’s second! Anyway – Electrophonic Crack – we all know how it starts – you’re pushed a couple of free ones to give you the taste and before you know it you’re giving blow jobs to strangers and selling anything that’s not nailed down to fund your habit, or something. Wait – sorry that’s actual crack. Can this really possess similarly addictive powers? Well, let’s put it this way – Morlack’s knowledge of funk is such that he could be a professor of funk studies were he that way inclined and if you’re looking for breaksy/ ghetto funk cuts you want to listen to on your ‘phones and in the car as well as play out – he’s your man. Among the bits and pieces being cut up here, expect to find The Meters’ Just Kissed My Baby (Git Down), onetime Peanut Butter Wolf collaborator rapper Charizma I Can Dance and the mighty KRS One – on the most dancefloor of these four – Yelling. Morlack then – funky like a project ho.
(Out now on BigM Productions)

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