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MORLACK: Chinchilla EP (2013)

[RATING: 5] Chinchilla – fabric of choice for pimp-coats. And if I was Morlack I’d be wearing one right now. The Chinchilla EP is his first ever vinyl release and what better way to start proceedings than with a certified floor filler such as the title track – in this case a disco-fied reboot of Drop It Like It’s Hot by the artist formerly known as Snoop Dogg? Things then take a P-funky turn on Funkadelic-sampling Cele-FUNK-tion and if that doesn’t get you Dizzee on the dancefloor Ready Ready might with its eighties stylings and use of a distinctive acapella. By the time those three are over anything goes – even eighties funk – because it’s Party Time right fam? Oh yeah – by way of promoting this wax triumph, Morlack’s offering up his supertight refix of Pearl Dowdell’s super rare (and superbad) funky soul cut Good Things. Man, I’ma have to get my own pimp coat! Chinchilla EP soundcloud previews and vids below – free download below that…
(Out now on Breakbeat Paradise)

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