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MORLACK: Boogaloo EP (2012)

“Richie, would you do me a favor and eat my pussy for me, please?” Yeah. That got your attention didn’t it? It’s a sample that certainly got mine when I was listening to the title track at the start of Morlack’s new Boogaloo EP. Boogaloo? Oh what – like the funky mambo/ soul hybrid? Um – no – not exactly. Oh…well perhaps something to do with Electric Boogaloo by Ollie & Jerry then…? Er – no not that either. Oh. Actually Boogaloo is basically (and ironically) a highly P-funky slice of party breaks – ironic because it contains a sample of the late, great and very soul-funky JB. Trotter’s on the remix with a less old school production sound and the EP is rounded off with the Coldcut-ish Cosmic Rhythm and the equally nineties-ish and vaguely latin Brasilia. It’s got to be the title cut ‘ftw’ though – as someone just said to me on Facebook. The dialogue sample is from Dusk Til Dawn ‘btw’ in case not remembering was doing your head in…
(Out now on Royal Soul)

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