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MOOQEE & BEATVANDALS: Bombstrikes: 10 Years In 10 Minutes Mix (2014) Free download

10 Years In 10 Minutes Bomb StrikesChrist – take cover! The Bombstrikes crew are parading more weaponry around than Vladimir Putin in chest-beating mode! Yes, Mooqee and Beatvandals lock, load, and cut everything they can lay their hands on from the label in the last ten years in order to celebrate a decade of dancefloor destruction. In case you were wondering, that’s two number one compilation albums, eight Beatport number ones, eighteen Junodownload number ones, two Beatport tracks of the year, the biggest selling Junodownload track of all time (!), four Mixmag ‘tunes of the month’ and a seemingly endless roll call of top score reviews. If that’s not the breaks equivalent of a Red Square Parade, I don’t know what is. Cop some damage below!

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