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MONGRELS: You Dig Raps?/ Combat Divers 7″ (SCOTTY HARD remix) (2016) + video

You Dig Raps  MongrelsYou dig raps? Mongrels do. Who are Mongrels? Well, one half of them is none other than veteran Sheffield mic manipulator Kid Acne who you’ll be pleased to hear he’s still connecting “the dots by telekinesis” and “sticking to his guns like permanent adhesive” as he reminds us on You Dig Raps? which turns on a Tribe-ish jazz loop and a crusty old vintage funk break. He also holds forth on the equally crusty electro-ish flip Combat Divers along with one Sebash. Surely not Sebastian Laws of New Kingdom – also featuring Scotty Hard? The very same. And who should turn up on production but…one Scotty Hard who used the original Calliope Studios SP-12 on Combat Divers. Check the single and video below…
(Out 23 January on Invisible Spies)

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