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MOBB DEEP & NOSTALGIA 77: Survival Of The Thing (Steely Chan’s Blender Mash) (2013) Free download

Here we go – Steely Chan deliver another beast of a mashed-up classic hip-hop acapella and dirty funk instro. Survival Of The Thing is a mutant splice of Mobb Deep‘s ’95 track Survival Of The Fittest with Nostalgia 77‘s ’04 instro Thing. As it happens the name of the resulting hybrid perfectly describes what happens at the end of John Carpenter’s classic 1982 movie The Thing which also featured a bit of a beast. I think the key difference to remember is that Steely Chan’s track isn’t suddenly going to morph into the spitting image of your unconscious best mate, develop a huge fanged mouth in its stomach and bite both your fucking hands off at the wrists. Could cause damage on the dancefloor though…

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