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MO-MATIC presents: B-Boy Bass EP (2012)

Fuzzbox Inc’s Mo-Matic flies solo here with his B-Boy Bass EP and it has to be said, the emphasis is more on the bass than the b-boy. Frankly, the bottom end on this would have the Rock Steady Crew checking out their buildings insurance were it heard in the Bronx back in the day. It speeds up, it slows down, and it’s got enough sirens and keyboards to have Kurtis Mantronix ask what that bloody racket is. Mo-Matic brings a few homies along for the ride too, all of whom deliver variations on the original’s theme again with the ghetto funk audience firmly in mind. DJ Love ups the tempo and brings the keyboards, Some DJs really has the bass snarling while Morlack gets his ghetto-breaks-dub on. ‘Ave it.
(Out now on Breakbeat Paradise)

BBP049 MoMatic B-BoyBass OriginalMix by Mo’ Matic

BBP049 MoMatic B-BoyBass-DJLoveRemix by Mo’ Matic

BBP049 MoMatic B-BoyBass SomeDjsRemix by Mo’ Matic

BBP049 MoMatic B-BoyBass MorlackRemix by Mo’ Matic

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