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MO’ HORIZONS: The Banana Remixes (2015)

The Banana Remixes Mo' HorizonsPurveyors of jazzy-bossa-boogaloo-breaks Mo’ Horizons are ‘between albums’ at the minute, so to keep everyone happy until a new one becomes ripe they’re putting out The Banana Remixes at the start of June. Basically it’s a bunch their stuff that’s been remixed along with another bunch of remixes they’ve done of other people. At the moment there are only six tracks available for preview but the ones you can listen to suggest this is one release that won’t have any slip-ups when it comes to sales. The Soul Session’s take on Jungle Affair, for example, is a sinuous effort that steers somewhere between music in a pharoah’s harem and the 007 theme, while Fab Samperi’s drum n bossa Stand Back could well have the dancefloor going bana- er – crazy. Two other moments of sweet promise include Mo’ Horizons own refixes of Una Mas Trio’s Clear As Water and The Soul Sessions’ Struggles & Blessings. It’s a fair bet that for anyone with even a passing interest in jazzy-latin-influenced breaks, this album (numbering twenty-one tracks in total as it does) will have something that will a-peel. Thank you, I’m here all week.
(Out 1 June on Agogo Records)

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