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MINIMATIC: Lost In My 80s EP (2014) + Shut Off The TV video

Lost In My 80s MinimaticMinimatic‘s next one is this three-track EP of late night neo-disco style breaks entitled Lost In My 80s. I got lost in the 80s once. For a whole fucking decade. The very start and the end were alright but the middle was terrible: skinny jeans, day-glo socks, that wanker Mike Read everywhere you looked – often with a stupid fucking song, the evil presence of Jimmy Saville, feral bankers, fascist Tories, and a general sense of hopelessness. A bit like now really. Hopefully that won’t bring you all down too much as your ears hoover up what sounds like Minimatics’s cocaine boogie take on John Carpenter movie soundtracks. Players and vid to Shut Off The TV below…
(Out 5 November on Tour Eiffel Records)

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