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MINIMATIC: ‘If This Is Love/ Owner Of A Boogaloo Heart’ 7″ (2015)

If This Is Love Minimatic[RATING: 5] Sometimes the true genius of making a bootleg lies in seeing the simple thing that everyone else has overlooked – “Why not speed this up and add that beat? My god it’s so obvious!” Then again, sometimes the true genius of the bootleg lies in seeing the funk in something profoundly unfunky and marrying this with the drums from that song, the melody from another and so on and so forth until you’ve come up with a mutant Frankenstein banger – like Minimatic‘s Owner Of A Boogaloo Heart which manages a quite staggering re-habilitation of a vocal by prog-rock bores Yes. Of course it doesn’t hurt to have a beat-heavy refluff of The Precisions’ northern soul classic If This Is Love as the A-side either. Two classics from Minimtaic get a first time vinyl pressing then. Limited to 300 – get on it!
(Out now HERE on Tour Eiffel Records)

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