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MICROPHONE MISFITZ: Escape From Babylon (2012)

Short of funky boom-bap lately? Actually, you’re probably not this year since it’s been a bit of a vintage one for the genre so far but have some of Microphone Misfitz anyway – since this crew come on a bit like a Chicago Jurassic 5 if the cuts they sent the monkey are indicative of the content of their new LP Escape From Babylon. Coincidentally six in number (like J5) D-Nick, Mel L, Ray of Light, DJ MAR, Young D. R. U. and Kin-Solo aren’t short on beats, rhymes and life in general. This is their third LP, and they’ve toured with and supported none other than the likes of Afrika Bambataa, Big Daddy Kane and Mos Def among others. As if that hasn’t been enough, D-Nick of the band also took time out to compose and rap on the superbly funky Abnormality (see video below) while Mel L of the band directed it – all to promote the opening of a Chicago health food shop and fight their nation’s obsession with eating a bit too much. Fighting fat with phat you might say…
(Out now)

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  1. Lovin this…and their first album is free on their bandcamp page too!!! Can’t fault it!

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